Planning all-age worship - it is interactive?

by BIG Ministries
Posted at 09:38am on 18th March 2013

Here’s a brief checklist of things to think about when you’re planning and leading a time of all-age worship. Look at each individual item, and the programme as a whole, and think…

Is it interactive?
  • Is it moving quickly enough? (variety is crucial). As a general rule, aim for each activity to last NO LONGER than 7 minutes.
  • Interaction helps everyone engage, learn and worship. Interaction could be in the form of movement; sign-language; singing; using our senses; interactive stores; talking in small groups; making things and so much more…
  • Always give people a subtle ‘get-out’ clause, never force interaction!
As an example…
It could be that there are different ‘interactive’ things happening all at the same time. So, perhaps a traditional hymn about God’s amazing creation is sung, during which there’s a creative colouring activity or even digital photos being taken outside and then shared later. All these different things simultaneously facilitate lots of people in worship.

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