Don't be afraid to lead

by Simon Parry
Posted at 09:26am on 18th March 2013

I don’t like getting lost and I don’t get on with maps. So, on most journeys, my wife will use the map and tell me where to turn. Without her leading me in the car, who knows where we might end up. It’s the same in all-age worship. Be prepared to lead. Direct and encourage the church. ‘Let’s stand’, ‘let’s all raise our hands’, ‘let’s all sing out’ are simple directions that might make a huge difference in the worship. Children will also find that easy to follow and enable them to join in with everyone else.

Simon Parry has contributed songs to all of the Vineyard Great Big God albums and has played keyboards and led worship on most of them.  His funky songs include "Come on and Dance", "God You’re So Cool" and "God’s Love is Big".  He has led numerous Great Big God events across the UK as well as large scale children’s programmes at conferences such as Soul Survivor, New Wine and Easter People. Simon is the Kids' Pastor at St Paul's Ealing.