A beautiful time

by BIG Ministries
Posted at 09:27am on 18th March 2013

All-age worship is a beautiful opportunity for the whole family of God to come together to worship the God they love… and yet often it doesn’t feel all that ‘beautiful’, many even avoid it! What does it take to create a beautiful time of genuine worship for everyone?

Picture if you will an idyllic Christmas (bear with me here…): there are times when the whole family will sit down together, enjoy good food and one another’s company. There will also be times when ‘grown-ups’ sit and have a coffee or mulled-wine (punctuated perhaps by some ‘resting of eyes’) while the little ones play with their new toys (or the boxes they came in!). The teens are trying out they new ‘gadget’, or helping Dad to use his. In my family there’s usually a new board game to play together too.
This is a beautiful time… there are periods of ‘different ages’ doing ‘different things’, but everyone celebrates together, in the same place. That ‘togetherness’ is so important and so valuable.
This is a model BIG Ministries try and practice in all-age worship. We’re not a group of adults watching the kids play with their toys. Neither are we a group of kids watching the adults have their time. But rather we share ‘togetherness’, everyone engaged simultaneously, although not always in the same activity. We enjoy each others’ company and worship together.
All-age worship, in it’s most effective form, is a totally unique and exciting type of worship requiring lots of creativity and some out-of-the-box thinking!

BIG Ministries are a charity based near Birmingham who love to have fun!  Their slightly more serious job is to resource the church with God-focused, high quality and fun events and resources.  They put on super-duper fun events where they help children to celebrate God in loads of different ways.  These events are called ONE BiG DAY and they happen all over the country.  Check our http:/www.bigministries.co.uk/ONE_BiG_DAY to find out more.  BIG Ministries also write music and written resources to help people engage with God, and help the children they work with engage with God too.