All-age worship

by BIG Ministries
Posted at 10:03am on 18th March 2013

I’m so passionate about all-age worship, and believe it should give us all (including adults and introverts!) a safe place to be who we are, to figure out how we fit in the body of Christ, and an uplifting forum to worship however we find the most comfortable.

I don’t believe that all-age worship is an occasion to be forced into doing actions to songs aimed only at children, nor is it a time to say childish prayers or play silly games.
I believe that we can find inclusive language and sing songs that connect with everyone in all age worship. At BIG Ministries we offer a variety of points of engagement during all-age worship. People will be: singing, doing actions, writing, drawing, dancing, flag-waving, clapping, sitting in silence or even finding space to chat all at the same time! By encouraging spontaneity in worship we allow people to be free to engage with God and worship Him alongside everyone else.
Perhaps like preparing a room for a family party, we should re-think our all-age worship times to incorporate all the different ways we can engage with God, all at the same time?
All-age worship should truly be the play of the Church. All-age worship should allow all ages to be real, creative and inventive in their worship of our massive, creative and very real God even if that becomes ‘wonderfully all-over-the-place’! All-age worship, as well as age-specific times of worship, should inspire us as a community of believers and motivate us to go out and change the world in Jesus’ name.
Our worship - our play - is an integral and essential part of being human.

BIG Ministries are a charity based near Birmingham who love to have fun!  Their slightly more serious job is to resource the church with God-focused, high quality and fun events and resources.  They put on super-duper fun events where they help children to celebrate God in loads of different ways.  These events are called ONE BiG DAY and they happen all over the country.  Check our http:/ to find out more.  BIG Ministries also write music and written resources to help people engage with God, and help the children they work with engage with God too.